How do I create a promotional sale?

Sales are a great way to acknowledge certain times of the year such as Cyber Monday, January Sales, or to clear the last few items in a batch. 

When you put your items on Sale, they get extra promotion on the Tindie Sale page Your Sale items are also highlighted with an icon on their product cards, which are displayed on your store page and the category pages. The buyer only has to add them to the cart and checkout to get the discount. 

If you would like to limit or track your promotion, you may wish to set up a Discount Code Promotion instead. 


  • When creating Sale items for the first time, check the prices are discounted how you expect by visiting your Store. 
  • Please keep in mind that if a Discount Code and a Sale is applied to an item, both discounts will be applied to the price. 
  • If more than one Sale is associated with a product, only the Sale with the highest value discount will be applied. 


Creating a promotional sale

On your product page, you will see a tab marked "Promotions." Click the tab and find the box on the right side that says "Create Promotion."



The first box has places to fill out the details of your discount such as Type of Sale and how long the promotion will last.

Be sure to select Site Sale. This will automatically apply the promotion to eligible orders.

You do not need to specify an end date for your promotion, but we recommend it.


The Offer Details box allows you to choose parameters for your promotion, including the amount or percentage off, minimum & maximum number of items required for the discount to apply and a short description.

The Minimum # is helpful when creating Multi-Save Promotions, such as "Buy 2, Save 25%"

The Maximum can be used to limit a customer to a specified number of discounts per use. For example, if you are offering 25% off with a Maximum of 10 units, and a customer purchases 11 units, only ten will be discounted.


The last box allows you to choose which products will be included in the sale. Just check off the boxes to the left of the items you want to include. Be sure to click SAVE when you're finished.



After you have created a discount, you can see it in your promotions tab. Options to edit and delete are on the right side. 


You can edit the promotion to 'enable' or 'disable' it.  


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