How do I write an amazing product description?

We have learned from studying sales data that a product description goes a long way when it comes to your success on Tindie. From this data we found that products with description lengths longer than 375 words are up to 15% more likely to have been ordered. Having a detailed, clear product description will ensure that buyers know what they are receiving from you, what it does, and more importantly, it generates interest in the first place. 

When you start to create a new product to sell, you will notice that under the description there are some questions already in there. These are for guidance on what to write and can be deleted. 

Here are some other questions to consider answering in your description:

  • What are some of your product features?
  • What are the technical specifications? Examples: how much power does it require? How many ports are there?
  • If your product is a kit, what comes with it?
  • Suggest some uses for the product, especially if it is something that can do many things
  • Describe the product dimensions. This is especially important if the end user might be placing it in a case or using it as part of a larger project. 
  • Is there anything required for this product to work that it does not come included?
  • What level of knowledge is needed for this product? Is it good for all levels or only advanced users?
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