How do I list a product?

We are so excited for you to join the community! Posting a product listing is free on Tindie! To start, click on your name on the top right side of the homescreen. 

You will see a drop down that says "list a product", click it!


Now you are ready to fill in the page and list your product. Here is an example: 


Be as descriptive as possible. Be sure to proofread!

You can put your product into draft while you make all of your changes before you make your product "go live."

Once you submit your product for approval, we here at Tindie will review the product to make sure you have great photos and accurate descriptions. 

We will then either approve your product and it will be live on the site, or we will e-mail you with some suggested improvements. You will receive an email when your product has been posted with additional tips on how to promote it. 



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