How do I create a shipping rate?

Shipping to anywhere in the world takes just a few steps. If you are already editing your product, click on the "shipping rates" tab and then click on "create one now."

Alternatively, you can go straight to this option from your store page and click on "new rate" (or edit existing rates): 

Fill out the form based on the country, shipping company, rate, etc. Here is an example: 

There are lots of options when it comes to shipping!

To view, edit, or delete the rates you have set up, use your "Shipping Rates" tab.

*We’ve looked at the data and found that nearly 70% of an individual seller’s orders will be for one item.* This does not mean that most people buy only one item, but rather the majority of people buy multiple items from multiple sellers. One buyer purchasing multiple items from a single seller is uncommon.

Since most buyers are only purchasing one item from you, getting the base rate right is most important. Furthermore, we can see 20% of orders have two (2) items from the same seller. If you make your base rate and additional rates accurate for two (2) items you will have shipping that is completely accurate 90% of the time.

Where sellers tend to run into trouble is in trying to set up an additional rate that is perfectly accurate for the minority situation where someone purchases more than two items. There is no ideal answer for this case, but we have seen several valid approaches:

  • Slightly undercharge for the additional rate which some sellers see as a way to offer a discount for larger orders.
  • Slightly overcharge for second and third products additional rate and undercharge for the fourth and fifth, but its tricky to get the correct distribution.
  • Overcharge for all additional rates but then set up a pricing tier to offset the extra cost.
  • Create a base and additional rate for each product that reflects the products exact shipping costs. While the most time consuming, this option offers a lot of control.


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