Customizing your store

Customizing your store will give buyers the opportunity to know who they are purchasing from.

Having a photo and a store name can make the purchasing process more comfortable for a buyer as they feel more of a connection buying from what is viewed as a real person, rather than a randomly generated user name and photo!

When buyers have your item in their carts and go to check out, your store name and photo are shown right up front. Having a strange name and no photo might lead someone to back out of their purchase. We are a community of makers, inventors, tinkerers, and hobbyists. Be proud of who you are and what you create!

Customizing your store is easy! 

You can: 

  • Change your photo
  • Create a display name
  • Create a bio
  • Add a message that is shown to buyers after their purchase
  • Add a store message that is shown at the top of your store page
  • Create a return policy


To change your photo, click on your name in the upper right side of the page and click "Update Profile."

Click on "Upload Photo"

Upload your image. Files types accepted are JPEG and PNG. For the best outcome, use 250x250. Once you add the photo, it will show up below the upload button. 

Note: You MUST click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page for your photo to save. Once you click "Submit", you will see your new image in the upper right side of the screen, above the "Upload Image" button, and you will see a banner stating the profile has been updated. 

Display Name

You can change your display name to name your store something different from your user name. This is helpful to include spaces between words, which is not supported for a user name. If you do not select a display name, it will be defaulted to your user name. 


A bio is a great way to let people know about you! This is a good place to tell where you are from, what you make, why you make it, or even what types of equipment you use to create your projects!  

When someone clicks on "About Me" for you, they will see your bio:

Shipped Message

This message will be included in the email sent to the customer when you mark the order as shipped (you can override it by editing the message shown when you ship the order).

Store Message

The first option on the Store Settings tab is to set a Store Message.

This message will be displayed at the top of each of your product page(s) and at the top of your store page. Use this for a vacation notice, coupon notifications, etc.


Return Policy

You may run into an issue where an order has been lost, damaged, or something similar. Create a return policy for your buyers just in case something comes up!


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