Tindie’s open hardware policy

Tindie is the largest marketplace online for open hardware. Thousands of our inventions are open source. The schematics and source code are available for anyone to study, remix, or even clone. When someone does remix or clone a project, two problems can arise – honoring the original project’s licenses and attribution. 

If a case arises where an open hardware product has been remixed and listed on Tindie without honoring the original licenses, we will contact the seller for clarification. If this is something the seller is not willing to make changes, we will pull the product.

To make our stance absolutely clear -

We will enforce open hardware licenses and remove products that violate original licenses. 

Clones will always exist with open hardware – and we aren’t opposed to them for a variety of reasons. However, if you want to clone or remix an open hardware project, follow the licenses set forth by the original project.

We support original open hardware inventors & will always enforce the original licenses. We believe in open hardware and believe it can bring tremendous good to the world. When you shop or sell on Tindie, know you are supporting original creators and a healthy open hardware ecosystem.

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