How do I leave a review for a product I have purchased?

Three weeks after shipment you will have the ability to leave a review on your purchase.

To leave a review, you can:

1) Go to your order page and look for the "review now" button- 

2) Click on the banner at the top of the product page-

3) Click on the review tab on the product page- 


The next screen will give you the opportunity to rate your purchase on Product, Shipping, Documentation, and Communication. Then you can write a short summary and a longer, more thorough review. You also have the chance to upload some photos you have taken. 

Your review will then show up on the product page under the review tab:

Reviews are not only helpful to those who are looking to purchase a product, but they are especially important to the seller. They give them valuable feedback about their product's quality, their documentation, and to get an idea of what kinds of projects are being created with their product! 

Below is an example of a thorough, helpful review left on Tindie: 

Sellers can also respond to reviews. This is great to let you know that they read your review, any changes they might be making, or just to thank you! 


- Don't leave a review saying a product was never received without first contacting the seller to give them the chance to fix the problem. It's possible that the shipment has been lost or there was a transit issue. 

- Give your honest opinion about the product, whether that was positive or negative. The best reviews are honest and useful!

- Be sure to explain if you liked or disliked the product. You don't have to write a novel, but you should be more helpful than just "It was great!" or "This sucks!"

- Please do not leave personal information about yourself or the seller! 

- Refrain from using obscene, offensive, or otherwise profane language. 


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