Reselling on Tindie

While our focus on Tindie is helping creators showcase their components and devices, we also allow resellers and larger scale manufacturers to list supply items as they are useful to the maker community.

If you would like to re-sell products on Tindie, there are a few guidelines you will need to follow:


Correctly Labeling Your Product


Resale items need to be designated as SOLD BY when making a listing. 

When you're first creating a product, you'll see a field under the Product Basics section titled Who designed this? For resale items you'll select Someone Else as you are not the original designer. 



Selecting the Appropriate Category.

All items labeled as SOLD BY need to be in one of the Supplies categories. The category is selected in the Product Basics section, next to the *Who designed this?* field covered in the previous section.



You will find the Supplies options towards the bottom of the drop-down list. There are several different sub-categories available but you can also use the top-level Supplies category if you do not find one that fits perfectly.



Product Options

Are you selling a part that comes in different sizes or colors? If so, rather than creating separate listings for each option, you'll want to combine them using our Product Options functionality. 

See this Article for guidance on setting these up:

How do I create additional options for my product?


Resellers are Limited to 200 **SOLD BY** items on Tindie

In order to keep our focus on creators, we do limit resellers to 200 active listings. If you wish to add new products, you'll need to either delete or retire old items.


Submission Guidelines

Due to the limited resources of our small team, we prioritize DIY and maker made items in the product approval process. We ask that you limit the number of submissions to 3 products at one time.

If we receive a large number of product submissions from a single seller, we will only be able to approve a few per day at most. 


Product Quality & Customer Service

Resellers are required to maintain a review score of more than 4 stars over 3 months. 

We do ask that you only list verified and tested products to ensure quality and encourage you to reply promptly and resolve any customer service issues quickly in order to maintain a good review score on Tindie.

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