Shipping Service Alerts by Country


Additional information about COVID-19 and shipping for buyers, and sellers

Links to Shipping Service Alert pages

Click on the shipping company names below to see the latest news and updates about service disruptions:

Australia (Australia Post)

Belarus (Belpost)

Belgium (BPost)

Bosnia-Herzegovina (BH Posta)

Bulgaria (Bulgarian Post)

Canada (Canada Post)

Croatia (Hrvatska Posta)

Czech Republic (Czech Post)

Denmark (Post Danmark)

Germany (Deutsche Post) 

Ireland (An Post)

Lithuania (AB Lietuvos paštas)

Mexico (Correos de México)

Netherlands (PostNL)

Portugal (Tourline/CTT Express)

Taiwan (Chunghwa Post)

Thailand (Thailand Post)

Ukraine (Ukrposhta)

United Kingdom & Northern Ireland (Royal Mail) (Parcelforce)

United States (USPS Domestic / International) (FedEx) (International Mail Service)

If there is a service missing, please email with a link to their service update page.


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